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About Us

A design house with well-rounded expertise spanning hardware, PCB Design, Embedded Firmware and Software expertise. We specialise in translational research, collaborative work with product R&D teams towards prototype development from scratch. We have delivered prototypes that were eventually productised by our clients around the world.
An in-house prototype assembly and test team assists the engineers in reliable manual assembly of challenging SMT parts.


Our Clients


Member WG1 INC
LVDC Standards Development


Standards/P2030.10.1 Working Group

LVDC Standards Development


Smarter Energy Group, IBM Research, India,
Connected Devices for Power and Energy


Product Development


Architectural LED Drivers with DMX


Connected Smart Chiller


Hardware Design Consultant


What We Do

Electricity Station

Board Design Services

A typical work flow:
Schematic Design
Bill of Material Freeze
Schematic Design Review
BOM Review
Parts Placement and 3D Rendering
Parts Placement Review
PCB Design Review
PCB Manufacturing Order Placement
BOM Order Placement
Assembly and Test
Prototype Fulfilment

Computer Robot

Embedded Firmware and Software Development

Most hardware will need some intelligence built into the board. We have proven expertise in firmware development for mission critical systems such as surgical medical systems where there cannot be any failure. Our development process and knowledge of the tools help us to deliver software that delivers exactly as intended

We have worked on a variety of microcontroller platforms and design environments. Our understanding of embedded linux also helps us to recommend the most optimal hardware and software eco-system that caters to the specific problem that needs to be addressed


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50, Thomas Nagar, Little Mount, Saidapet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600015, India

044 2235 0409

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